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(dandelion)   (peony)   (plantain)   (walnut)
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Even the most common seen plants can be good medicine for you. Dandelion is useful for purulent inflammation. Both the peony flower and skin root may help reducing dysmenorrhea. Plantain is effective to most acute urinary infection. Walnut is good for your brain and bone function. It is such a pity, however, the top intellectual scientists in the world just work hard in their laboratories, ignoring the miracle of the creation of the creatures by God .
But the question is how we can make use of them? Modern science will not give the best answer. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has specific research on the plants around us for several thousands of years. Unlike the modern science, it uses a theory based on the recognition of the deep balance exists in the universe.
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              About Dr. Bruce Taim  

In Aug, 2008, after 8 year's working in TCM Department of Xiamen University in China, I moved to Edmonton city in west Canada. As a practioner, it was pity for me to see the lost of the spirit of the Chinese Medicine in it native country. Pure TCM becomes rare. At the same time, the government has been trying for years to reform TCM into a "scientific" medicine. Thousands of research published, while thousands of real TCM disappeared.

      Few people know the real value of TCM. Some would say it a new way about how to resolve the disorder in your body. But in a further sense it is a key to a new way to cure the diseased modern civlization. I wish people would see it someday. I set up this company, and I am working for it.

  The best medicine for disease only exists in two places: One is your body, the other is the nature. Actually you body is the best which knows how to deal with diseases. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), however, is the other choice. By using acupuncture, the energy in your body is evoked; By using chinese herbs, the essence of the nature is transfered into your body.
        A perfect cure will not only remove the symptoms, but also the deep disorder in the diseased man. A perfect cure will keep the normal function of the whole body, while never interfere it. We know your real need.


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